02-24-19 Mended: How God Heals a Broken Heart

02-17-19 Missions Sunday: Special Speaker JD Brown

02-10-19 Holy Roar: Bowing to Others

02-03-19 Holy Roar: Bow of Worship

01-27-19 Holy Roar: Prayer Special Speaker Caleb Rolan

01-20-19 Holy Roar: Special Speaker Brandon Bussell

01-13-19 Holy Roar: Hands for Worship

01-06-19 Holy Roar: A Heart of Worship

12-30-18: What Child is This: A Trustworthy King

12-24-18: What Child is This: To the Wisemen

12-23-18: What Child is This: To the World

12-16-18: What Child is This: To the Shepards

12-09-18: What Child is This: To Mary

12-02-18 What Child is This: To Joseph

11-25-18 Equip for Ministry: Soul Care

11-18-25: Equip for Ministry

**No Audio Due to Technical Difficulties.**

11-11-18 Truth: In the UMC

11-04-18 Truth: Tradition, Reason, Experience

10-28-18 TRUTH: The Bible

Resource: God's Love & Homosexuality Feb. 23rd 2014


10-21-18 TRUTH: Revelation


10-14-18 Belong: A Community of Freedom

10-07-18 Belong: The Call of Community

09-30-18 Belong: A community of Healing

09-16-18 Belong: A community of Honor

09-23-19 Belong: A community of Generosity

09-09-18 RE:MADE - Made Complete

09-02-18 RE:MADE- Made Right

09-26-18 RE:MADE- Made New

08-19-18 RE:MADE- Wonderfully Made

08-12-18 Dust: Part 12 

08-05-18 Dust: Part 11

07-29-18  Dust: Part 10

07-22-18 Child Like (Caleb Rolan)

07-15-18 Dust: Part 9

07-08-18 Dust: Part 8

07-01-18 Dust: Part 7

06-24-18 Dust: Part 6

06-17-18 Dust: Part 5

06-10-18 Dust: Part 4

06-03-18 Dust: Part 3

05-27-18 Dust: Part 2

05-20-18 Dust: Part 1

05-13-18 The Resurrected Life: Moving Forward (Braden Ryan)

05-13-18 The Resurrected Life: Generation to Generation

05-06-18 The Resurrected Life: Suffering Part 2

04-29-18 The Resurrected Life: Suffering Part 1

04-22-18 The Resurrected Life: Purpose


04-15-18 The Resurrected Life: Trust Part 2

04-08-18 The Resurrected Life: Trust Part 1

04-01-18 The Resurrected Life: Reach

03-25-18 REACH: In Active Sacrice

03-18-18 REACH: As an Imperfect Christian

O3-11-18   REACH: Acquaintances and Strangers

03-04-18 REACH: Those Closet to Us (Caleb Rolan)

02-28-18  REACH: Because God Reaches

02-11-18 Scott Keener: A Journey Worth Taking

02-04-18 Faithful in Our Generation

02-18-18 I Want to Believe But... Heartless God

01-28-18 I Want to Believe But... Goose Bump God

01-21-18 I Want to Believe, But... Killjoy God Part 2

01-14-18 I Want to Believe, But... Killjoy God Part 1


01-07-18 I Want to Believe, But...  Amazon Now God

12-31-17 Jesus Call in 2018

12-24-17 Christmas at the Movies: Home Alone

12-24-17 Christmas At the Movies

12-17-17 Christmas at the Movies: It's a Wonderful Life

12-10-17 Christmas at the Movies: The Grinch

12-03-17 Christmas at the Movies: ELF

11-26-17 Christian Civility

11-19-17 Luther 500: God's Glory Alone

11-12-17 Luther 500:Christ Alone

11-05-17 Luther 500: Scripture Alone

10-29-17 Luther 500: Grace Alone

10-22-17 Luther 500: Faith Alone

10-14-17 Predictable Success: With Money

10-08-17 Relationships Part 2

10-01-17 Relationships Part 1

09-24-17 How Jesus Can Heal the Pain of the Past

09-17-17 Warnings of the Past

09-10-17 The Gift of the Past

09-03-17 Enthusiastic Church: #10- Intimacy


08-27-17 Enthusiastic Church: #9- Being Rich

08-20-17 Enthusiastic Church: #8 - Bible

08-13-17 Enthusiastic Church: #7- Witness

08-06-17 Enthusiastic Church: #6- Hard to Love

07-30-17 Enthusiastic Church: #5 -Love of God (Caleb Rolan) 

07-16-17 Enthusiastic Church: #4 - One Another

07-09-17 Enthusiastic Church: #3 - Prayer

07-02-17 Enthusiastic Church: #2 - Mercy

06-25-17 Enthusiastic Church: #1 - God's Enthusiasm for Us

 6.18.2017  Family and Faith Focus: Father-Man of God


06.11.2017  Mission Carlsbad Sunday Build Up People  

  06.04.2017    Family and Faith Focus: God in Your Old Age

4.30.2017:Baptized By God 

4.23.2017: From Doubt To Faith

4.16.2017: A Message of Hope

4.9.2017: Serve In Sacrifice No.6 Living The Hope of Jesus in Our World

4.2.2017: Serve In Sacrifice No.5

3.26.2017: Equip.For.Ministry.No.4

3.19.2017: Worship.With.Passion.No.3

3.12.2017: Love.Without.Restraint.No.2

3.5.2017: Reach Beyond Our Walls No. 1

2.26.2017: Wes Putnam Storytelling 

2.19.2017: Love. No.2. To Be Married or Not to Be Married 

2.12.2017: Love. No.1. The Myth of the Right Person

2.5.2017: What Makes You Happy? No. 5

1.29.2017: What Makes You Happy? No. 4

1.22.2017: What Makes You Happy? No. 3

1.15.2017: What Makes You Happy? No. 2

1.8.2017: What Makes You Happy? No. 1

1.1.2017: Beast Mode

12.25.2016: The Twelve Words of Christmas

12.24.2016: Lights No. 5: A Light of Grace

12.18.2016: Lights No. 4: A Light of Divine Purpose

12.11.2016: Lights No. 3: A Light To Discover Truth

12.4.2016: Lights No. 2: The Light of What is Possible

11.27.2016: Lights No. 1 : A Light of Hope

10.23.2016: Exceed: To Go Beyond in Giving No. 2.

10.16.2016: Exceed: To Go Beyond in Giving No. 1.

11.20.2016: The God I Never Knew: Discovering the Holy Spirit No. 8. The Holy Spirit The Gifts to Love

11.13.2016: The God I Never Knew: Discovering the Holy Spirit No. 8. The Holy Spirit The Gifts to Do

11.6.2016: The God I Never Knew: Discovering the Holy Spirit No. 7. The Holy Spirit The Gifts to Say


10.30.2016: The God I Never Knew: Discovering the Holy Spirit No. 6. The Holy Spirit Discovering the Discerning Gifts 

10.09.2016: The God I Never Knew: Discovering the Holy Spirit No. 5. The Holy Spirit is Not Weird but Amazing

10.02.2016: The God I Never Knew: Discovering the Holy Spirit No. 4 - Waiting On The Holy Spirit

09.25.2016: The God I Never Knew: Discovering the Holy Spirit No. 3 - Sanctified By The Holy Spirit

09.18.2016: The God I Never Knew: Discovering the Holy Spirit No. 2 - The Holy Spirit's Job Description

09.11.2016: The God I Never Knew: Discovering the Holy Spirit No.1 - God the Holy Spirit

09.04.2016: Questions People Asked Jesus - When will this happen?

08.21.2016: Questions People Asked Jesus - Who is My Neighbor?

08.14.2016: Lord Carest Thou not if We Drown - Dr. Bill Mitchell

08.07.2016: Jesus Never Whined

Before listening to the sermon please watch the following video

Click here to watch.

07.31.2016: Jesus Never Compared

07.17.2016: Jesus Never Hurried

07.10.2016: Jesus Never Took Revenge

06.26.2016: Jesus Never Underestimated

07.03.2016: Wesley Putnam

DVDs of Wes Putnam's dramatic presentations and CDs of his music are available at store.wesley.putnam.org. (1 DVD for $10 or $60 for all 7)

If you want to know more about Wes Putnam's ministry or you missed the love offering and want to contribute to his ministry, find information at www.wesleyputnam.org/give 

06.19.2016: Todd Clayton- Faith of our Fathers

6.12.2016: The Message of Your Backbone

6.5.2016: The Message of Your Star: Mission Carlsbad Sunday

05.29.2016: The Message in God's Bottle

05.22.2016: The Message of Our Building

05.15.2016: Senior Sunday- Scott Keener

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmMFIganRQY (20 Seconds of Insane Courage - We Bought a Zoo)

05.08.2016: Serve in Sacrifice

After stepping away from The Story's focus on the life of Jesus FUMC has returned to the Story.  Sunday April 3rd we transitioned from the Story of Jesus into the Story of the Church. 

05.01.2016: End of Time

04.24.2016: Confirmation Sunday- What God Says About You

04.17.2016: Dead to Sin, Alive to God

04.10.2016: Partners with God

04.03.2016: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

*Please watch this video before listening to the audio of the sermon

03.27.2016: Easter- Come to Life

March 2016 Series on the new FUMC Vision and Mission 

03.20.2016:Worship with Passion - Our Mission


Sunday Morning 03.13.16- Tuesday 03.15.16

Hassan Boyle #1 - To Fulfill God's Purpose

Hassan Boyle #2 - Living Full- Dying Empty

Hassan Boyle #3 - Cooperating with the Holy Spirit

Hassan Boyle #4 - Influencing Others to Jesus


03.06.2016: Reaching Beyond Our Walls - Our Mission

02.28.2016: Living the Hope of Jesus in Our World - Our Vision

2-21-16: The Story- Chapter 21- Jesus: Son, God, Savior

2-14-16: The Story- Chapter 20- Rebuilding the Walls